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Disclaimer 2.0

As an added disclaimer I would like to say that there will be posts of a religious nature on this page. The religion being posted is FICTIONAL. While it is written in a way that the ceremonies and doctrine can be followed, I am under no big-headed delusion, nor am I trying to convert anyone to practicing my Gardinian religion. This is all fictional and for entertainment purposes.

Please understand that all posts regarding celebrations and ceremonies serve as an inside look to what my characters experience. It is not in any way meant to degrade or make commentary on existing religions. And since I am not egotistical enough to craft a religion without help, I have had inspiration for a lot of what I have written in regards to the Doctrine of Liflasir on existing faith and practices. The Doctrine of Liflasir is not an ode to any particular religion and my intention is not to make any religion or faith more “right” than the other. For the purposes of my fictional universe, the Doctrine is right and all religions as we know them are wrong.

For a reiteration of what I’ve said here and my thoughts on posting blogs about the faith of my world, read this: Warning of things to come.

And just a little added note: I’ve written this in such a way that it can be practiced so that when things occur within my novels, it can appear as real to my characters as it does in my head. To answer before I am asked: No I do not follow the Doctrine of Liflasir in my personal life. It’s weird to both craft prayers and then pray to myself. There are good principles within the Doctrine, but again, this is all fictional and not meant for actual practice.

Any harm derived by engaging in the practices within the blog are not the fault of the author.


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Unfortunately, I cannot allow re-posting of entire blog posts. This has to do with maintaining the original posting status in regards to Google, because websites with duplicate content are penalized. I would risk penalization by granting permission for blog re-posts.

As for translations, I cannot guarantee the accuracy and quality of the translation, so I would prefer that my work remain in its original format.


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