Soul of a Rocky

4 Kelsey Jordan_SoaR

        Trevor was the son of gods, but a life of privilege was far from his reality. After a childhood of abandonment by his parents and routine abuse by his peers, trust is a foreign concept. As a doctor and scientist, Trevor wants to be left alone to solve the biggest medical puzzle plaguing Lycan kind. Being involuntarily recruited for his absentee father’s pet project was not a part of his plans, not that the god cared what he wanted.

    Krystiana is marked by Death’s Reaper and thrust into a world where the gods are real and a supernatural war is being waged unbeknownst to humans. She is forced to decide how she will hold on to what is left of her humanity, while enduring the unwanted advances of an immortal deviant. With few tools to assist her, Krystiana must turn to the god who created her undying stalker and demand she get the life that was stolen from her.

    Forced together by circumstance, Trevor and Krystiana have to decide if what they have is strong enough to make it through the day Death comes for them all.

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