The Defender

Tyson stared down the hall where his office was to the door of his bedroom. It had been more than half an hour, and Isis still hadn’t exited the room. He took two steps before he became aware that someone else was in his house.

“You’re a dumbass.”

He turned to his left to see the last god he wanted occupying his personal space leaning against the bathroom door.

“Meaning?” he asked the God of Destruction. He didn’t really care about the answer, because Lykil would likely say something meant to piss him off.

“Who the hell declines sex?”
“Admit it, you’re scared.”
“What exactly am I scared of?”
“Intimacy. Poor you. Lost your Soul’s Mate, and now you can’t 
deal. Boo-fucking-hoo. Life is terrible if you let it be.”

Tyson watched Lykil for a few moments before he simply nodded. He walked down the hallway to his living room where he relaxedon the sofa. He hoped by turning on his TV he’d find a distraction and discourage the god from hanging around.

“Ignored by a mortal. Lykil, that’s a new one.”

Tyson turned to the sound of Ronan’s voice. “What the fuck are you doing here?”

“Forced compliance,” Ronan answered with a shrug.

Tyson froze, hoping Ronan wasn’t implying they would soon be joined by more Rockys.

Ronan—an observant fucker from growing up surrounded by females—didn’t miss his facial twitch.

“Yeah, you’re readable as shit when you’re irritated,” Lykil said, obviously reading his thoughts. “And calm down. The Rockys aren’t here. They don’t really like you too much right now, remember?

You have the benefit of Ronan and a contingent of the Blue Ridge fighters on call if the need arises. Omar also has some local Alesers from Zareb Joey’s pride ready when we say the word.”

“Five Lycans showed up here looking for her. I killed them. I’m waiting until her Rut is over until I hunt down the ones who took her in the first place. Why in the hell would I need so many Lycans to help me do a one-person job?”

Lykil sat next to Tyson on the sofa, making him uncomfortably aware how much space an eternal being could occupy.

“I can make you more uncomfortable. We could cuddle and watch one of Ronan’s movies. There’s a lot of moaning and bodily fluids.”

Ronan and Tyson answered in unison. “I don’t watch porn, asshole.”
“I’ll pass.”

Lykil shrugged. “Your loss. That goes for both of you. I can cuddle like no one else, and porn is amazing. The things people do to get off inspires the worst parts of me.”

“There’s something worse than this conversation?” Tyson asked, shifting away from Lykil.

“The battery assisted orgasm happening in your bed right now is horrifying. Gods, you’re missing out. I’m sure her pussy is like—”

Tyson launched himself at Lykil, choking off the rest of Destruction’s sentence.


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