Movie Night

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I’ve made my popcorn–extra butter because anything less is an injustice to popped corn everywhere. Now all I have to do is pick a movie–preferably D-rated. Why? Because Marcie is here. I know, why am I talking to you? Well, she’s in the shower and the thought of her naked, wet, and…nevermind.

Distraction, I need a fucking distraction, the more awful the movie the better. Like Sharknado. Now there is a terrible movie, so bad you join the cult following and they start making part 2. Can’t fucking wait!

The woman has been in my life less than a month and everything I do revolves around her. Including my movie collection. Half of the movies that I’ve sifted through aren’t ones that I picked out. Too much happiness and not enough potential for eye rolling and “yeah right”.

A couple caught mid-kiss on the front cover grabs my attention. When the hell did The Notebook get in here? I guess this is what we’re watching. Sappy shit and I can’t even get laid afterwards.

My complaint about the movie doesn’t last long, especially once she steps out of the bathroom wearing one of my shirts with her hair falling around her shoulders. She’s naked underneath the shirt–I know it. Hell, I can smell her distinct scent under the flower scent of her body wash. That’s Marcie’s style–torturing me with something I’ve vowed to wait for.

For now, I’ll wait. But when the day comes and I solidify the change in my life to call her mine and give myself wholly to her, she’ll regret every fucking time she came to bed wearing only my shirt.

Until then I’m stuck sucking back buttery popcorn and “relishing” in my mate’s terrible preference for romance...

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