Warning of things to come.

Some of you have already read The Lycan Hunter and you are more than aware of the Doctrine of Liflasir and all that it means within my Gardinian universe. As the rest of the year comes and goes, Gardas will have ceremonies and celebrations that take place. Those ceremonies and days of worship may or may not take place on more traditionally recognized holidays throughout most major religions.

Please understand that this is a celebration of my fictional world and a sharing of the things important to the creatures within my fictional world. I am not, in any shape or form, making an effort to mock anyone, nor are my intentions to mock any religion or faith. That being said, this is fiction, and while I may have crafted a religion, the inspiration for the Doctrine derives from many religions and practices.

Though I am hesitant to share these future posts (for many reasons, but the primary one is already listed), I felt it would better serve those trying to understand the universe that I’ve created and the creatures that live in my head.

Curious as to what I have planned? Stay tuned. Next week brings two celebrations: Anamhaint and the Kahi of Nunginn, celebrations of Death and Life, respectively.

Kelsey Jordan

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Kelsey Jordan is the author of the Gardinian World Novels. She is a collector of back packs, pens, and an unseemly amount of paper. When she isn’t working on the series, you can usually find her scrawling on something, playing video games, or taking glorious naps.

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