Gardinian Ceremony: Kesuetah

Kesuetah is a  yearly ceremony which falls on January 31. Those in the Gardinian universe spend this day in honor of Goddess Ire, goddess of health.


The ceremony takes place in place of the morning rituals, before breakfast.


All attendees are to be freshly bathes and free of any perfumes and customary body paints. Customary jewelry may be worn as long as it has been thoroughly cleaned. The attendees are to wear white linens with purple threading along any visible seams.

Ceremonial Space:

The altar space should be prepared (usually performed after daily services) with the Rite of Cleansing. In the center of the altar should be a replica of the Tree of Liflasir (World Tree).  Small urns burn sage near the Liflasir replica and at even intervals along the rear of the altar. A purple pillar candle (roughly a foot tall) sits on top of a gold leafed pillar stand at the center of the altar, just in front of the replica.


The Saireceane will light the candle after the following words.

On this holiest of days 

we honor you.

May you honor us with your blessing.

Attendees will enter the altar room, taking a white taper candle as they enter. The Saireceane will step forward and motion everyone into prayer stance before leading everyone with the following prayer:

Goddess find me

in my moments of pain.

Goddess heal me

for my body is weak.

Goddess bless me

for my soul knows agony.

You are my solace

when my body knows pain 

and my soul grows weary.

I seek your blessing, Goddess.

May you keep my household in good health.

Should any fall ill,

may they be swift to regain your favor.

Forever we honor your good name,

Our Lady, the Merciful Cure.


Starting with the eldest member in attendance, the attendees bring their unlit candle to the Siareceane. The Siareceane  takes anointing oil and draws Ire’s symbol on the attendee’s inner right wrist before he or she takes the candle and touches it to the flame of the pillar candle. The Siareceane returns the candle after saying:

May you be blessed with good health and your body and soul be both healthy and potent.

Once all attendees have received their candle, the Siareceane says:

Goddess finds us well;

our health in her good hands.

May our Lady Cure honor us with blessings anew.

In her honor, we give unto her our life’s breath.

Together the attendees blow out their candles.

The purple pillar candle is re-lit at the start of each subsequent prayer service, but the ritual is only performed in the morning.


All meals consist of fresh fruits and vegetables, eaten in their raw, uncooked state. All meat is wither smoked or naturally cured. Food may be seasoned, but all things should be in it’s purest form.

Emblem of Goddess Ire, goddess of health
Emblem of Goddess Ire, goddess of health

*Author Note*

All Ceremonies and Celebrations posts are meant to give readers an inside scoop to what my characters live with everyday. If you have any further concerns about my intent, check this out.


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