New Release! Keeper of the Veihl by April Rankin


Keeper of the Veihl

Release Date:  

April 29, 2014


Paranormal Romance


Roahn is a man possessed. Literally. Aside from being the last Keeper of the Veihl and a berserker, he has a burning need for vengeance against the man who murdered his family centuries ago. But when he meets Kat, a woman who has no idea who orwhat she really is, Roahn begins to wonder if there is something more to live for.

Katlyn Evans has been on the run for years. Until she meets Roahn, she had no idea why she was being hunted or even who was hunting her. Now that she’s entwined into the strange new world of the Veihl, Kat realizes that their paths are becoming entwined.

Will they be able to save one another when the past returns to haunt them? Can Roahn give up his thirst for revenge in favor of a love worth fighting for?

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The Great Veihl Giveaway


Rafflecopter giveaway begins on April 28, 2014. Winners will be announced May 5, 2014.


Grand prize: (Worth over $125)

-The ENTIRE series in autographed print (That’s 5 books!)
*Undercover Attraction, Undercover Desire, Into the Veihl, Through the Veihl, and KEEPER OF THE VEIHL
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-Several bookmarks

2nd prize: (Worth over $60)

-Autographed Veihl books (3 print books!)
*Into the Veihl, Through the Veihl, and KEEPER OF THE VEIHL
-‘Reading’ wall art

3rd prize: (Worth over $25)

-Autographed Keeper of the Veihl
-‘Reading’ wall art

About the Author:

April was born and raised in southern Mississippi and began writing at an early age. Her love of writing continues today. While April spends her days as a mom, wife, and web designer, at night the creative muses of writing hijack her mind and forces her to tap away at the keyboard for hours on end. When she isn’t tapping out code or working on a novel, she is often found working on her latest art projects, both traditional and digital.

You are invited to connect with April on Facebook, Goodreads, and Twitter. There, you will find excerpts of her current works in progress, release dates, and information about her current and upcoming novels.

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