Second Book Jitters

I just sent my second book off to the butcher…um editor. I’m not worried about her making my pages bleed. I like it, but I might be a bit sadistic. Soon I’ll send off the third to her as well.

[Side Note: I wrote the third before the second one, which is why, with a little tweaking, book three is already considered “ready” for the editor.]

It took me 10 months to write and an embarrassingly long time in edits to get The Lycan Hunter where it is today. It took me almost six months to write book two. I only took a scary three months for the third because I was trying the Steven King (check out On Writing if you haven’t) method of a completing draft  one of a book in 90 days. That isn’t going to happen again. I’m not built to write that way.

I’m jittery despite the fact that nothing dramatic has changed. We’re still hanging out in my Gardinian universe. Maybe that’s because it’s almost 4 and I have yet to have my coffee. Or maybe it’s because like many authors, I agonize over everything.

{Queue whiny voice}

There are a lot of rules in my world. And ceremonies and traditions and, and, and…

You know, the typical stuff that authors fret over until their book baby is just perfect. I think, for now, I’ll distract myself with stock photos, cover ideas for book two and transcribing book 4. I can’t believe I’m almost done writing this part of the Gardinian universe. Soon it will be time to hop onto another planet. I just have to decide: Fae (War of Queens Novels) or Dragons (Dragons of Zombier). Decisions, decisions…



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  1. ( Soon it will be time to hop onto another planet. I just have to decide: Fae (War of Queens Novels) or Dragons (Dragons of Zombier).)
    Yes? 😀

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