Weapon of Inspiration: Digital Art and World Building

One of the best things about writing for me has been the freedom to explore—to meander around worlds that I’m not entirely sure I would survive had I not been the creator. Most of the time, the worlds I traipse through have randomly been dropped in my lap by my muse. Other times, I have to search out that inspiration, which led me to start writing Inspired Snippets.

Out of all my various writing tricks, digital art is one of my favorite “weapons” to deploy. If I’m stumped on a world I’m trying to build, I simply tell the story of a visually represented world I’ve found somewhere online.

Lucky me, finding art online isn’t a chore. There are some truly gifted artists out there. Add to that the special artists that I locate online who manage to rouse my sometimes grumpy muse…it’s a recipe for absolute writerly bliss.

Case in point, as I was perusing on of my favorite digital art stomping grounds Pinterest [the other being Tumblr], I lucked upon a few pieces that I will probably start drafting the stories to this week. Well, in between working on Call of the Harbinger and my day job.

Each one of these speak to me from a different pointe of the creative process. I see each of these images as a sort of launching point. And of course, each image allows me to embrace various aspects of the world building process. Looking back at some of my previous posts make me giddy to get back into the swing of things.

Check out Mission of the Tetrad God  and Guardians of the Pass for past inspirations. If inclined, feel free to share your own and join me as I revitalize Inspired Snippets.



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Kelsey Jordan is the author of the Gardinian World Novels. She is a collector of back packs, pens, and an unseemly amount of paper. When she isn’t working on the series, you can usually find her scrawling on something, playing video games, or taking glorious naps.

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