Trust me, I’m a liar.

I am a fiction writer, therefore I am a liar. I spin fantastical tales based on myth and legend. every once in a while a grain of truth and history slips into the folds of my story, but most of what I do is a lie of the best kind.

I love to lie and I’m good at it.decorative-lines-17_large2

You have to understand that a good lie is based on some truth. The more truth, the more believable the lie. At least that’s what they say, they being the nefarious people of the interwebs and world who teach you how to tell an effective lie.

Crazy Talkdecorative-lines-17_large2

Let’s take a short conversational detour. A little background on me. I’m a psych major, therefore I like crazy, non-conformist, and eccentric individuals. If the voices that live in my head are any indication, I might need to get therapy, not study it, but I digress. Today in my Theories of Counseling and Psychobabble we spoke about the importance of being authentic. How being important it is as a counselor to be yourself. There were more words said, but that’s why I use my Notability app, because my thoughts immediately turned to writing and the importance of being authentic.
To me, the best way to be authentic is to tell the truth, to be honest about yourself, your capabilities and limitations. The less you hide from yourself (and others) is the most honest you can be. In that honesty you will find your authenticity, because you’ll know you. The good, bad, ugly and fan-freaking-tastic. There’s nothing more I want than to be authentic.

Pssh…You’re a liar.decorative-lines-17_large2

The fact that I’m a liar is besides the point. At least I’m honest about it. See? Upside.

Seriously though, it’s part of my job. I’m supposed to lie to you, to convince you that a world of shifters-known as Lycans-actually exists. My craft-if done right-should make you believe that Gardas is the world where the gods call home and that there really is a tree-Liflasir-that holds four worlds within its branches. That’s my job and I’m being honest. It’s the best reason I can think of to be a liar.

Now tell the truth. Do you trust me?



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