For the Love of Destruction

ImageI am in love and lust with the male who is in my home. My temple walls seem to relish in his presence, as if they too miss the sound of his voice sliding along their jagged surfaces.Lust becomes me. No, not my bitch of a sister, but the sensual hunger that is the marker of Nolf’s domain.

Anger rises in my chest at the memory of her sampling what was once rightfully mine, but I can’t deny her good taste, not when the hunger for the male standing at my altar threatens to consume me. Not even the general comfort that I have with War compares to the need I feel to be the object of Destruction’s love once again. Gods I want him like I want no other.

Lykil’s bare back is to me, the muscles moving slowly as he takes in slow, calming breaths.

Memories of our couplings assault me. I remember the feel of those very same muscles bunching under my fingers as he took all I had to give. I want to feel him again, to know the power of Destruction’s body when he gives himself fully to me.

He turns to me, his eyes narrowed, chaos and anger dancing in his gaze. He doesn’t want to be here, not that I expected any different. No amount of time-and we’d had plenty of it-could wash away the burning misery I’d caused when I destroyed his love in favor of War. Tuyir’s temporary solution to the heartache Lykil formed in my heart was the reason Destruction had no use for my love. We’d ruined each other, but I was the only one still Longing.


My thoughts have so consumed me that I miss what he says. He rolls his eyes, his obvious hatred washing away the remnants of my lust and drawing me from my memories.

“You’ve been ignoring Nivar’s summons.” The irritation in his tone is palpable.

I blink and try to break my stare, but it’s hard to concentrate on anything beyond the emblem of his domain marking his forearm. I wanted his mark on me. I needed to have the design marking me as his and would do whatever I could to possess it. One day Lykil will know Love again.

“Do you plan on staring at me all day or are you going to answer Nivar’s summons?”

“What does he want?”


“Oh.” I frown. Nivar knows how Lykil feels about me. “Why didn’t he send Tuyir?”

“Trust me, Love,” he says with a growl much like those of the Lycans he loves so much, “I would rather my brother be here, but apparently he had something better to do.”

I nod and turn away. I can’t look at him anymore. His brutal anger is an agonizing weight. It stifles the air and makes it harder to take the unnecessary breathes that I draw.

“Answer Nivar’s summons. You won’t like it if I have to come back.” With that he leaves, my temple thoroughly tainted with his animosity.

His hatred would be so much easier to bear if I could hate him too. I should. I have every right. He’d had sex with my sister first, taken her in a way that he’d once reserved only for me. Heartache was my guide as I enacted a revenge far worse than the deserved punishment for Lykil’s offense to my love for him. I can’t deny the damage I’d caused by forcing him to watch as I tainted his temple with my passionate cries for his brother’s erotic touch.

Still, I am in love with Destruction. One day I hope he understands how much of me has always been his.

Emblem of Afri, goddess of Love
Emblem of Afri, goddess of Love

Published by Kelsey Jordan, author

Kelsey Jordan is the author of the Gardinian World Novels. She is a collector of back packs, pens, and an unseemly amount of paper. When she isn’t working on the series, you can usually find her scrawling on something, playing video games, or taking glorious naps.

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