Keeping an open mind.

Tomorrow (after work) I’m heading to DomCon for the first time. At present, I’m feeling a lot of things. I’m nervous, because it will all be new to me. That being said I was super awkward at my first writer’s convention. However, I don’t have the luxury of holing myself off in a corner to write instead of dealing with my surroundings. I have reasons for going, which require me to engage with new people. Wish this introvert some luck.

So why am I heading to a BDSM/Fetish/Lifestyle convention? Two reasons: I like sex and research.

Yes, I like sex. Really if you’ve had it before, I can’t see how you don’t like sex, but far be it from me to judge. I have some kinks that I prefer, but I’ll leave it at that. That part of my bedroom is closed unless you’re actually hanging around (in person) for awhile. 😛 Besides I’m trying to keep this is mostly pg-13.

Since registering for the convention, I’ve been trying to keep a few things in mind:

*There will be kink. Some of it will not be anything I’m used to seeing or can ever see myself being into. That’s okay. It’s important that I keep an open mind when I walk in the door.

*Like Jon Snow, I know nothing beyond what I truly like at this point in time and things that don’t work for me. You won’t see me leading a lifestyle Q&A. I know better.

 In attending, I’m looking to expose myself to new things that I may or may not be interested in trying.

*I will have a f-ton of questions. –This is a research trip for a future series as well as an intro into my budding interests.– I hope I find the ones who will give me the answers I need. Also, I know that not all of my questions will get answered this weekend. This is just step 1 in a long line of research opportunities.

Just as a note, my interests did not come to me after reading that horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE book that every one is thinking of, but shall not be named. I hate that thing with a rabid passion. ~blurg~ HATE IT. So no, my interests didn’t come about after reading the abusive tale of a spineless female at the mercy of that gross excuse of a man.

~blurg~ Ugh that “book” makes me have unintelligible thoughts.

*Finally, I fear I will be a bit–more likely a lot–underdressed for the situation. Of course this makes me nervous because I feel like it will be obvious I’m a newbie. Nevermind the awed (and possibly startled) expression I’ll be wearing all weekend. I’m aware that sounds incredibly shallow, but it is what it is. I’m new. What do people wear to these things? I mean besides fetish gear, which I may or may not own.

I hope to have fun. Pray to all things holy and unholy in the world that I have enough backbone to keep my butt on the Con floor and not hiding in my room writing to avoid being awkward. Check back next week on what I learned at DomCon and how little (or much) time I spent hiding in a corner with my laptop writing.



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