Writing authentically

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Writing authentically comes relatively easy to me. It’s actually one of the most important things that I think a writer can do when they sit down to tell their story. Tell the blistering truth or don’t tell it at all.  

When I read about writers having a hard time getting the world they are trying to create onto the page, I often wonder if they are writing authentically.

A little digging usually reveals that these writers are writing stories that are not clawing at their souls to get out. They are having to chip away at someone else’s diamond in an effort to tell a story that isn’t in their heart to tell.

You have to care–deeply and sometimes with passionate insanity–about the stories you write. Writing stories that don’t conjure some kind of emotion in your heart is a mockery of written word that will be evident to most readers. So when it comes to putting pen to paper, tell the story that matters to your soul. Be genuine about the characters and the journey they take.

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To tell the fictional (or non-fictional) truth requires one to embrace bleeding the lightest and darkest parts of their soul onto the page. The words on the page should matter, should remake you on some level. If they don’t touch the writer, it’s almost guaranteed that those words won’t touch the reader.

Ultimately, that’s the point, right?


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Kelsey Jordan is the author of the Gardinian World Novels. She is a collector of back packs, pens, and an unseemly amount of paper. When she isn’t working on the series, you can usually find her scrawling on something, playing video games, or taking glorious naps.

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