Always learning.

For those who are published—no matter how, just are your books for sale? Good, you’re published. Now back to what I was saying… For those who are published, it is an important part of your job as an author to realize that with a product on the shelves (virtual or otherwise) you are a business.Continue reading “Always learning.”

The scars no one sees

I believe every author leaves a piece of themselves in each story they write. Big or small, some piece of themselves has managed to wedge itself onto the page. For me, writing has always been my therapy. Thanks to my 8th grade English teacher, I was introduced to poetry. I immediately gravitated towards blank verseContinue reading “The scars no one sees”

Black Friday Book Giveaway!

Yeah, you read that right. There’s a giveaway happening here and elsewhere. So what am I giving away as part of the 4th Annual Black Friday Book Bonanza? A paperback copy of both The Lycan Hunter and Heart of a Rocky (US only)! Here’s how you enter: Since I like to write about bad assContinue reading “Black Friday Book Giveaway!”