Commuting madness and word counts

I’ve rejoined the workforce, or rather, I’ve joined the commuting workforce that requires I put on pajama pants and act like an adult for 8 hours of the day. I can’t say that I’m a fan of people who seem to be allergic to blinkers and lack the understanding of what an appropriate following distanceContinue reading “Commuting madness and word counts”

Kahi of Nunginn

The first day of November is celebrated by many as All Saint’s Day, but on the Gardinian calender November 1 marks another celebration for Lelah, goddess of life and death. However, unlike Anamhaint, the eve of Soul Reaping, Kahi of Nunginn is a celebration of the Ghost of Nunginn. During this time, those within theContinue reading “Kahi of Nunginn”

Ceremonies: Anamhaint

As most of the world recognizes All Hallow’s Eve or Halloween, the residents of the Gardinian universe pay homage to Lelah, goddess of life and death, on the night of Soul Reaping. Those of Gardas celebrate the last night in October with a night of remembrance for loved ones who’ve passed, relief for the restingContinue reading “Ceremonies: Anamhaint”

Black Friday Book Giveaway!

Yeah, you read that right. There’s a giveaway happening here and elsewhere. So what am I giving away as part of the 4th Annual Black Friday Book Bonanza? A paperback copy of both The Lycan Hunter and Heart of a Rocky (US only)! Here’s how you enter: Since I like to write about bad assContinue reading “Black Friday Book Giveaway!”