Mass Murder… A girl needs to have goals.

It’s not secret—at least it shouldn’t be—that one of my favorite hobbies (in addition to nap-taking) is playing video games. I’m more of a PC gamer with a thing for MMO’s, though I will will break out one of my PS3 to play a little Skyrim every now and then. I recently decided to start playing ESO again after a brief hiatus.

I won’t lie and say I was particularly productive during this time away. I actually stopped playing because it wasn’t worth the subscription fee.

Some call me cheap, I’ll just say Guild Wars 2 spoiled me…

There were too many glitches, crashes, and some missing game content to make it worth it for me. Before someone bites my head off, let me clarify what I mean by missing game content. I missed all the things that made Skyrim awesome. I had a storyline for each of my characters. Most of them were thieving, murderous bastards and ESO from the beginning lacked that content. Now, I have the ability to be the scourge I want to be with my own personal story to go with how awful or righteous they are.

Now with the added content and the new subscription-free setup, I am back to chase some new achievements.

Kill, Kill, Kill

The Justice system and the Legerdemain skill line sets me on the path to becoming the MMO version of my Skyrim self (best single-player game ever IMHO). Malice and Kylssandra, my soulless, murderous, vampiric assassins of Skyrim now have an online sister by the name Prymevil.

Before the update, I was bored to tears. I missed one of the things that made Skyrim fun—killing random people and seeing what kind of bounty I could get on my head. Now I get to be the hunter of people (pixalated—I’m not that crazy) and eventually a little sneak-thief.

As of right now, I’m 24 murders away from becoming a Mass Murderer. I wish they had that as a title. I’d wear it with pride.

Lesser, but important goals

I finally hit Veteran Rank (VR) 1. For those who don’t play, the simplest way I can say it is pretty much being level 50 rank 1. Currently you can get to rank 14, but that is supposed to be going away with the final phase of the Champion System being implemented. I wanted to have this all figured out and be well on my way to VR 14 but I like to putz around when I play, so meh, I probably won’t hit VR 14 before the change hits. That and I’m way too casual for all that nonsense.

The next thing I’m trying to get the hang of in this game is PVP. I tried it in beta, as well as after launch and hated it. I still think the map is ridiculously large, but it was nice when we managed to find battles. Cyrodiil  could use some optimizing, because holy hell the lag in the middle of battles sucks. Realizing you’re dead because you suddenly drop below 10FPS sucks major balls. I could understand if I had a shit computer, but mine was built with gaming in mind.

Did you happen to notice that we, as in when we find battles? Yeah, I’m playing with a guild again and this time trying to be more social lol.

Traditionally, I like to play MMO’s by myself—as in I don’t join guilds, rarely party with people, and only offer passing help to those I see in need. Otherwise, I’m off on my lonesome. I kind of like it that way. Going it alone (except in dungeons when it can really suck) allows me to roam carefree throughout the world taking on quests as I want or randomly kill and loot everything in sight. Playing alone allows me to be answerable only to me.

However, by joining and trying to commit to weekly PvP runs, I am forced to interact with the community that I was previously missed out on. And I do realize this is probably one of the things that kept the game from being as fun as it could have always been. I was missing the community.

I wish I would have known that sooner, but I’d like to shout out Deltia’s Gaming for giving me pointers and keeping up the posts on different build styles. If you’re playing and need some tips, check him out. Props for the Night Silence build. Love it.

My current guild, Not Our Finest Hour, has been awesome. I appreciate the play style, which is not quite second job serious. I play as a hobby, for stress relief and a way to be aggressive without people looking at me weird or getting arrested.

Moaning Monday

Everybody hates the start of the work week, so get your Monday started right! Kill somebody or something—pixilated please. I hope that goes without saying, because we’re shooting for achievements not jail time.


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