Setbacks, updates, and other fun author stuff

I think that this update has been a long time coming and frankly I’ve put it off enough, so here it goes. The release of book three has been pushed back until late April. I know, blah, but it isn’t without valid reasons that it is being pushed back.

I decided at the end of last year that I would actively start dealing with my Fibromyalgia. You know that age old saying: Things get worse before they get better? Yeah, that was me. I spent the last two weeks of December through the first half of February dealing with a total of three sinus infections and two Fibro flare-up which set my editing back by over a month.

The next crisis came by way of my editor. She’s having a major health issue that requires her to step down. She did put her skills to the first draft and for that I am grateful. I wish her the best and a speedy road to recovery. I want everyone happy and healthy, so she had to do what is best for her health.

I am lucky that I have another editor on my team who was ready to step up and take on the task. Still that requires I give her time to do her level best.

I wanted to wait until I had some more answers on my end before saying something like book will be out on blah blah day and setting myself up for another push back.

Now what have I been doing in the meantime?

Writing, writing, and writing some more.

As I said in a video earlier this year, I wanted to publish 5 books this year. Unfortunately, that doesn’t look like that will happen. I will be getting book 4 out this year, as well as working on a book that will only be available on Wattpad.

For those that don’t know what Wattpad is, you should really check it out. Some of your favorite authors may have posted a book for you to read (for free) on the site or via the app.

Now the story I will be posting will be featuring the Hunters. So far, we have followed along behind the Lycans and for the most part the Hunters have come across as the bad guys. If only everything was so black and white.

The book is titled The Hunter’s Blade, and will feature Nigel, Carla and Shawn, and a newcomer, Eric.

A little warning. This is a work-in-progress, so it won’t be published as a completed work. I hope to put up a couple of chapters at a time. It also isn’t necessarily a romance, as the Hunters don’t really do romance as we would recognize it and there are not any guaranteed happily ever afters. I’m branding it more of an urban fantasy.

Don’t worry. There will be sex (because I don’t know how not to write a story without it) and of course I kill people. Again, I don’t think I’ve made it to the end of a book without killing someone.

Unlike the Gardinian World Novels, I don’t anticipate the same level of world building (makes me sad), but that has more to do with who the Hunters are. There may also be a new god or two stopping by. One is being a bit of a prat right now so who knows what the future holds on the god front. I know some of you love him, but Lykil probably won’t appear at all.

In other book related news, I will have a giveaway going on this week as part of The Romance Reviews anniversary party. You guys should check it out. Some of your favorite authors may be over there. My giveaway starts on 3/24.

For now that’s what is going on in my little corner.

I’m wishing you guys the best in the week ahead. Allergy season is ready to start kicking my ass, but I hope all the fun saline flushes and sinus meds keep me free of an infection.


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