Introducing: The Hunter’s Blade, a Gardinian World Companion Novel

For a few years the story of the Hunters has been playing in my head. I ignored them, because Go Lycans! Turns out that won’t fly anymore. Nigel won’t let me ignore him and that has a lot to do with the coming events in Soul of a Rocky, book 4 of the Gardinian WorldContinue reading “Introducing: The Hunter’s Blade, a Gardinian World Companion Novel”

Setbacks, updates, and other fun author stuff

I think that this update has been a long time coming and frankly I’ve put it off enough, so here it goes. The release of book three has been pushed back until late April. I know, blah, but it isn’t without valid reasons that it is being pushed back. I decided at the end of lastContinue reading “Setbacks, updates, and other fun author stuff”