Inspired Snippets: The Birth of H.E.R.

This is part of an ongoing writing challenge in which I base a short story or snippet off of a piece of art found somewhere on the web. Usually it kicks in my world building muse. None of the art belongs to me and I will do my best to provide artist credit when I can. For my fellow writers, if you’d like to join, feel free to post links to your own stories. If writing isn’t your thing, what do you think?

Steampunk Girl by Mattia Munafo
Steampunk Girl by Mattia Munafo

The Birth of H.E.R.

“Marella, the egg will finish it’s germination cycle in three days. Have you found H.E.R. a suitable home yet?”

“You know I haven’t. There have been more than five thousand applicants to take home the first HER model. And that’s with the limited reach parameters we put in place.”

Greysie nodded and turned back to her notepad. The raving success of HER’s predecessor, HIM, made the demand for the female symbol overwhelming. At the annual engineering symposium—Modifications Engineering And Developing Explorative Sciences—questions had been raised about the possibility that there would be a female simbot debuting at the next MEADES.

Notoriously impatient, engineers in her field pestered her for a development on a project that had taken her more than fifteen years to develop. Humans were complicated being and mimicking their multifaceted existence was almost impossible. The HIM model had been the less complicated bot to germinate first, despite the HER model being the project she’d started after founding her company.

Humans had a saying about their females and she couldn’t exactly say she didn’t agree. They were rather complex creatures.

“What have they been offering?” she asked Marella.

“Some offer their petty souls. Others jewels, money, their children.”

“Children, huh?”

“Yeah. I paused at that too, but I think I was hungry.”

Greysie chortled at her long time friend. “I never knew the diet of fallen angels was so…diverse.”

“The souls of children are the closest I will ever get to Heaven. They are quite pure.”

“Hell is more fun.”

“True…and yet we sit here on Earth playing with these upright apes. Why do we do this again?”

“Grand design.”

Not that Marella needed the reminder that everything they did was for the plan the Architect set forth for its precious universe.

As ruler of every being in existence, the Architect held no discernible form, was defined by no gender, held no real allegiance to good or evil. It just was the Architect and any in existence obeyed or perished painfully.

Marla shuffled back to her computer and started to shuffle through the human pleas for the HER.

“I think I will go with the lonely millionaire in the south of France.”


Marella  shrugged. “The purpose of the Human Experience Robot is to give him the experience he is lacking. The ultimate girlfriend.”


“He isn’t ugly.”

“I don’t care. Besides, I haven’t created a sheath for sexual contact. And there is the lubrication problem. The males are stupid. He would use something and damage this multi billion dollar product just to fuck a simbot.”

“The females did it with HIM.”

“Yes, but HIM’s equipment isn’t external. His cock is operational in all things save the ability to ejaculate. We didn’t have to create a way to ensure the bot didn’t get clogged with various lubes or mold and rust start growing in odd areas because HIM wasn’t properly cleaned. Pick a female. Old lady, maybe? We can get him in line for the next HER.”

Marella huffed and sifted through the requests. “Fine. I’ll go with the single mom of—Architect Horrors! She has six children.”

Greysie laughed. “Yes. She definitely needs it more than single, bone-HER-man.”

After a series of clicks, Marella stepped away from the desktop and over to the FLESH station and entered in the parameters necessary for the simulated skin for HER.

Seconds before the FLESH was finished, the egg started to crack. HER punched at the egg’s metallic casing until she was free. She relaxed into her former home and gazed out to them, blinking out at them in infantile confusion.


They both smiled at the preprogrammed way she recognized them.  Greysie had programmed that no matter where her children were in the world, they would always know their creator—the Mother of Mech-sims.

“Come HER. Let’s get you dressed.”

Gait smooth, her latest creation rose and shuffled her still oiling joints towards the FLESH station.

“And so it begins again, Greysie.”

“One bot at a time, Marella, that’s all we can ask for, but it won’t be long—“

“Before they apes bow to the Mech Mother,” Marella finished.

There was no evil intent on her features, but acknowledgement that she was doing as the Architect bade. She would slowly bend the will of man. One HIM and HER at a time.


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Kelsey Jordan is the author of the Gardinian World Novels. She is a collector of back packs, pens, and an unseemly amount of paper. When she isn’t working on the series, you can usually find her scrawling on something, playing video games, or taking glorious naps.

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