Book Review: Soul Scars by Tasman Gibb

Soul Scars Quarter size Title: Saving Justice, Dog Haven Sanctuary Romance Book 2

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Author: Tasman Gibb


Raised by a gambling-addicted father, dog trainer Lulah Wallis yearns for some security in her life. And everything’s looking good with a job promotion at Dog Haven Sanctuary in her sights, plus the opportunity to buy the modest cabin she calls home. Adding a hot, reliable boyfriend to the mix would see her totally fulfilled.

Combat PTSD from two tours in Afghanistan has left Vince Marr with a failed marriage and blocked access to his precious daughter. Crippled by flashbacks of the war that came home with him, he’s keeping his head down to prevent anyone stateside becoming a victim of his inner battle Finding a kindred spirit in Calliope, a rescued pit bull, he lets Lulah talk him into training her, together, as his service dog.

As Lulah and Vince work together, their connection unintentionally deepens. Vince isn’t the rock Lulah hoped for, but she sees enough hope to persuade him to seek help for his condition. For Vince, having someone see the better man he could be is just what he needs to make the effort. Growing friendship ignites a passion neither can resist, but the doubts cast by their deep scars grow along with it—and old wounds are slow to heal. For both of them love is unsafe, and trust is a terrible risk. This time, it might be worth it.

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The socially awkward social media wallflower

I’m socially awkward, but I’m a writer so it’s okay. I live in my head so it’s almost guaranteed I’m barely mentally present for a conversation anyway. For me, the social awkward problem extends to social media. Again, I live in my head. I can’t help it. This creates a problem when it’s time for me to share something on Twitter, Facebook, [insert social media name here]. There are rules…oh so many rules about what you are should and shouldn’t do when promoting yourself and your work. Frankly it seems a little deceptive. In order for me, Kelsey Jordan, to live authentically, I have to talk about what matters to me and that means I have to go to where the stories come from…


That brain is a relatively accurate representation of me. It’s missing a portion where I think about family, work, and school, but other than that yeah, it’s pretty spot on. I live in my head. I can’t help it. The oddest things spark inspiration and I can’t help but write, be it mentally or actually putting the words on the page.

And before you think I waste my time with mental writing, for me, I remember plot lines and character backstory better than I remember how long I’ve been married. Does that make me a terrible wife? lol Not in my marriage. I married an artist (painter), so he gets it. Still, for me my process works. I am heavily invested in all things writing. If I start a conversation, it is almost guaranteed that it will lead to my writing at some point. I am also more than likely thinking about writing as we are talking.

That’s not to say I don’t and can’t talk about other stuff. I play video games, I read, and sometimes I pay attention to the news long enough to get depressed, but most of that gets shoved aside when it comes to social media. Those interests are not really relevant to me when it comes to my “author persona”. No one cares what video game I just played or how many hours I seemed to uselessly waste playing them. I don’t always have nice things to say about the books I read, so I stay quiet out of general author courtesy. I think I learned that little rule somewhere. Trust me I hate it. I feel like a liar every time I don’t review a book because I have a negative opinion. I also have Fibromyalgia, but trust me when I say no one wants to hear me moan about the issues that keep me from writing days at a time. So where does that leave me?

Talking about writing, more specifically, my writing. I don’t like talking about the craft of writing. Authors with more credibility than me have already said the advice I can and would toss out. My tips aren’t guaranteed to work for the next person. Hell, sometimes they don’t work consistently for me.  So I talk about things like what’s going on in Gardas, what character is doing what, which character is being a little shit that day, or plot trouble I may be having. Those things interest me and are most likely at the forefront of my thoughts.

For instance, I might mention on [social media site] that I’ve mentally written the same book twice over the last two days. “Mental writing” is part of my creative process. I’ve put down the rough outline already, but the book itself has been mentally written twice so far. Today, I had an alternate twist come to light that remade the hero into someone even more vivid than I initially imagined him to be. I sat for 4+ hours having an emotional session with a character. I laughed, cried (real tears, the horrible, ugly kind) and came to an odd feeling of tranquility once my character reached his own sense of peace and resolution with his fate. This is how I spent my day before I could move on to working on my website. Notice I said before I could. I’m that invested in my process that I don’t feel in control of my mental faculties. My mind has been hijacked more than once.

Those are the things I talk about. That’s what’s important to me as an author to share. Not the food I ate, the nameless store I rarely shop at, but scenes from stories that randomly popped into my head or how a song inspires a character to wake up and tell me a tale. But according to certain rules I shouldn’t share this information too often. People want to know me. Well…that is me. I live in my head. My characters, my worlds and all that I create are an extension of me. I am talking about me, just indirectly.

But supposedly I’m not supposed to talk that much about that kind of stuff. It just makes me wonder, for me, the socially awkward social media wallflower: What the hell am I supposed to talk about?

Kahi of Nunginn

The first day of November is celebrated by many as All Saint’s Day, but on the Gardinian calender November 1 marks another celebration for Lelah, goddess of life and death. However, unlike Anamhaint, the eve of Soul Reaping, Kahi of Nunginn is a celebration of the Ghost of Nunginn. During this time, those within the Gardinian universe turn their attention to the newest members of their communities and give thanks to the goddess for the safe keeping of their young ones.


The ceremony for Kahi of Nunginn is performed in the place of morning services and led by the Saireceane, the ceremonial leader.


Traditional attire for the Kahi of Nunginn requires that all attendants dress in the traditional white ceremonial pants, but wear a vibrant colored top. Hair and face should be worn as the attendants prefer and in accordance with their cultural traditions.

Ceremonial Space:

The altar space should be prepared (usually performed after every service) with the Rite of Cleansing. In the center of the altar should be a replica of the Tree of Liflasir (World Tree). Ceremony attendants should place personal items of significance on the altar. A white candle is lit for each attendant of the ceremony should be placed within the altar space.


The Saireceane will step forward and motion everyone into prayer pose. The leader will recite the following words:

Rejoice for Life has ceased her slumber.

Blessed is she, our holy Lady and Keeper of Souls.

She is our usher into the mortal realm

—Our Lady of the First Dawn

Pray that she will guide us in the coming year

and protect the young ones that we hold dear.

May Life bless us as she deems fit

with new life from souls reborn.


Bless the young ones

who have joined us in this past year.

May the Keeper of Souls bless us anew

in the year to come.

We wish the young ones 

a long life with our Lady’s blessing.

May they live well and true to the Noble Cannons

and find their Passing in their elder years.

Presentation: The presentation occurs when there are children who have been born within the last year. These are the ceremony’s “young ones”. Upon being brought before the Saireceane, they are anointed with a holy oil blessed by the goddess herself. The Saireceane will draw two linking infinity marks upon the wrists of the presented young ones. This is the symbol of Lelah’s domain over Life and Death.

The following words are said to each young one after the anointing oil is applied:

And so you are blessed by our holy Lady. May you live a long life and forever cherish her blessing.

Should there be no young ones to be presented, the presentation ceremony is changed to include all young ones born with the Keeper of Soul’s grace. The Saireceane will say the following in the event of no young ones in attendance.

As there are no young ones to present, we will honor all young ones born under our Lady’s domain. May they live long and cherish her blessing.

Prayer: The Prayer is said by all in attendance.

Lady of the First Dawn

it is in reverence of our young ones

that we gather to worship you.

Your grace has no limitations 

and for that we are eternally grateful.

May we continue to receive the benefit of new Life.

All honor to you, Keeper of Souls.


The feast is a breakfast buffet which features fruits, vegetables, sweet breads and cured meats.

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