Warning of things to come.

Some of you have already read The Lycan Hunter and you are more than aware of the Doctrine of Liflasir and all that it means within my Gardinian universe. As the rest of the year comes and goes, Gardas will have ceremonies and celebrations that take place. Those ceremonies and days of worship may or may not take place on more traditionally recognized holidays throughout most major religions.

Please understand that this is a celebration of my fictional world and a sharing of the things important to the creatures within my fictional world. I am not, in any shape or form, making an effort to mock anyone, nor are my intentions to mock any religion or faith. That being said, this is fiction, and while I may have crafted a religion, the inspiration for the Doctrine derives from many religions and practices.

Though I am hesitant to share these future posts (for many reasons, but the primary one is already listed), I felt it would better serve those trying to understand the universe that I’ve created and the creatures that live in my head.

Curious as to what I have planned? Stay tuned. Next week brings two celebrations: Anamhaint and the Kahi of Nunginn, celebrations of Death and Life, respectively.

Kelsey Jordan


It’s after four in the morning and Alexis is doing it again. She tries to hide the fact that she isn’t sleeping, that she is agitated because she is sitting around and not fighting. I don’t know what to do for her.

Lycans don’t constantly fight. We know the best part of war is returning home to our families. It is the reason that  Lycan numbers have continued  to rise while Hunter numbers have fallen. Still she isn’t happy and it’s getting on my nerves.

After the morning ceremony I’ll ask Ronan to spar with her and maybe I’ll send her to my mother when she has battles she needs help with.

Other than that I’m at a loss. What do I do with woman who has known nothing beyond bloodshed and the constant need to stay on her guard? Getting her to talk to me is an exercise of my patience. She still likes to lie to me and tell me she’s okay, or better yet that she is fine. Always fucking fine.

Since sleep is a pipe dream at this point, I may as well stay awake and give my wife something to do with all her energy.


Movie Night

Photo Aug 19, 8 36 00 PM

I’ve made my popcorn–extra butter because anything less is an injustice to popped corn everywhere. Now all I have to do is pick a movie–preferably D-rated. Why? Because Marcie is here. I know, why am I talking to you? Well, she’s in the shower and the thought of her naked, wet, and…nevermind.

Distraction, I need a fucking distraction, the more awful the movie the better. Like Sharknado. Now there is a terrible movie, so bad you join the cult following and they start making part 2. Can’t fucking wait!

The woman has been in my life less than a month and everything I do revolves around her. Including my movie collection. Half of the movies that I’ve sifted through aren’t ones that I picked out. Too much happiness and not enough potential for eye rolling and “yeah right”.

A couple caught mid-kiss on the front cover grabs my attention. When the hell did The Notebook get in here? I guess this is what we’re watching. Sappy shit and I can’t even get laid afterwards.

My complaint about the movie doesn’t last long, especially once she steps out of the bathroom wearing one of my shirts with her hair falling around her shoulders. She’s naked underneath the shirt–I know it. Hell, I can smell her distinct scent under the flower scent of her body wash. That’s Marcie’s style–torturing me with something I’ve vowed to wait for.

For now, I’ll wait. But when the day comes and I solidify the change in my life to call her mine and give myself wholly to her, she’ll regret every fucking time she came to bed wearing only my shirt.

Until then I’m stuck sucking back buttery popcorn and “relishing” in my mate’s terrible preference for romance...

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With him I am consumed–devoured–and the reality of it haunts me. Truthfully, I never wanted him. Rather, I never sought out the Alpha male that he is. Alpha males consume women, lay them across the tongue of their bloated egos and swallow them whole. I expect no less from Kyran.

He exudes power, makes it clear that he is in charge, and gives me enough freedom that my new cage doesn’t feel so confining, but can I say that I have been liberated?

Every day the same questions ring in my head: Will he one day become the male who swallows me whole? Will he devour me and leave me a remnant of my former self? Or will he lift me up to become something greater, help mold me into a more powerful woman than I have ever been?

No answers come and I fear the gods will make me travel the hardest road–nothing new there–to find the answers that could very well shatter my soul and incinerate my heart.

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