Identity crisis

Writing my blog on my DomCon experience opened my eyes to something I kind of neglected to think about. Or rather I didn’t bother to think about.

What now?

My interest in BDSM isn’t going to slide into the background. It’s simply part of my multi-faceted reality. I’m a lot of things: author, grateful (and sometimes disgruntled) employee, wife, mother, etc. I have many hats to wear like everybody else, but until recently there were only a few things that I talked about comfortably on here. Most of that was writing related.

I don’t share much about my family because that is mine. I firmly believe that everyone should have that one thing they keep for themselves. My family is that thing one thing for me. I know that’s odd. I’ll talk about my sexual interests but not my kid. I’m weird like that.

Here’s the thing for those that follow along on my very vanilla adventures. This isn’t shifting to a BDSM-all about sex blog. I’m still an author. I still like talking about writing and all the things that make that part of my life enjoyable. Also, I’m a gamer. I talk about that (though I haven’t played Pymevil in forever) and of course I read and write reviews on occasion.

I want to post about BDSM-related topics, but my goal is to keep this page as PG 13 as possible. Still, I have to be honest with myself. I like the x-rated stuff so where do I go to express that side of myself?

The easiest solution sends me to another social network– more than likely Tumblr, but under a different profile. That feels like hiding or that in by doing so, I would not be authentically me.

I hid for years from myself in one way or another. I’m done hiding, but in deference to those who aren’t into the kink or don’t want to read about the many different ways that I am rediscovering myself, I have found a new home for that facet of myself.

Enter Cuffs and Coffee.

Yes, cuffs and coffee. While the site is mostly about the kinky side of my life, I need balance in whatever I pos. A girl has to have her coffee, so there is my balance, a slight nod to my addiction as an author.

If you’re interested in finding out about my various adventures on the kinky side, you can find me over at Cuffs and Coffee.

Warning. This will be marked for mature content. Also, I may post more explicit versions of unpublished stories from characters you may have met in Gardas. So much of what I’ve written for some of my characters has remained unpublished because it was mostly porn. lol

Don’t make that face…I promise I’m not trying to force you to stop by…Entice, yes, but never force. So stop by if you wish. Bring a mug and an open mind.


Published by Kelsey Jordan, author

Kelsey Jordan is the author of the Gardinian World Novels. She is a collector of back packs, pens, and an unseemly amount of paper. When she isn’t working on the series, you can usually find her scrawling on something, playing video games, or taking glorious naps.

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