Keeping it F*cking Classy

I am admittedly not very refined. I have the basic etiquette down, but I can’t guarantee I’ll always use them. You see, I’m all woman, but no one would call me a lady.

Generally, I can conduct myself in polite society without spilling my unfiltered self all over the unsuspecting masses, but every now and then I slip. On more than one occasion, following the appearance of my  inner sailor, my dad has said a lady doesn’t talk like that. I’m thirty, married, with a kid of my own, but every time he says this I want to say:

Um…who said I was a lady?

Four letter words in my vocabulary are like spices in cooking. Sometimes you need a good fuck to get the right message across.

Fucking Classy


As a swearologist, I am curious (for those who curse), what is your word of choice? Let me know in the comments and for fun, show me a creative way you’ve used it.


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Kelsey Jordan is the author of the Gardinian World Novels. She is a collector of back packs, pens, and an unseemly amount of paper. When she isn’t working on the series, you can usually find her scrawling on something, playing video games, or taking glorious naps.

5 thoughts on “Keeping it F*cking Classy

  1. Probably the word that slips out the most is shit … and every time it does I cringe because I was raised by a strict father who still lectures me if I slip. Like Mac from the Fever series, I have made a plethora of my own words to serve as “acceptable” expletives

    1. Lol I think that’s what I didn’t like about Mac. She was so “good” with her petunias and whatnot and I’m over here embracing being a full-fledged (unapologetic) sailor.
      I don’t think I use shit that much. Honestly, I probably use fuck to the point of exclusivity.

      1. I have no problems hearing any variety of words … I think it’s always been just this need in me not to have my Daddy’s look of disappointment directed at me if I can help it at all … yes, I have my closet with various & sundry skeletons, my proclivities, and my dirty little mind … but there is still a part of me that will always be a good little girl & bask in his approval. What he doesn’t know won’t hurt either of us

  2. Unfortunately, I use the F word a lot, shocks the shit out of my kids but when you drop a heavy pot on your foot a golly gee whilikers that sure did sting doesn’t cut it.

    1. I know a lot of people don’t like the idea that they curse. I do in my every day life outside of work. There (with the exception of break and lunch) I’m a model of good behavior. I’m not so bad in front of my minion. She’s four and we’ve already gone through getting her out of saying shit (thanks daddy) when she was one.

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