For the low, low cost of $7…

Say that in your infomercial voice. You know you want to. Mao what’s for sale? First, a little backstory. Last week (and over the weekend) there was a post floating around Facebook for bloggers who may want to write for The Huffington Post. I’m sure it was floating elsewhere on the internet, but FB isContinue reading “For the low, low cost of $7…”

The scars no one sees

I believe every author leaves a piece of themselves in each story they write. Big or small, some piece of themselves has managed to wedge itself onto the page. For me, writing has always been my therapy. Thanks to my 8th grade English teacher, I was introduced to poetry. I immediately gravitated towards blank verseContinue reading “The scars no one sees”

Critique and Censorship

As a writer I understand that anything I put out for public consumption can and will be used against me. People have the ability to read something entirely different from the original intention of what I wrote. Here’s the thing though, that’s okay. The thing about readers is that we will all find something in a pieceContinue reading “Critique and Censorship”